About HOAs

Association Responsibilities

Community associations are created to provide exclusive benefits to the owners within a specific real estate development. The responsibilities may vary with each community and are in accordance with the desires of the association members and their elected board of directors.

The specific duties and responsibilities of a community association are found within their unique set of governing documents. These governing documents typically consist of:

  • Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (also called a Declaration; Covenants; CC&Rs; or Master Deed) - Creates the community association, contains the deed restrictions, establishes mandatory membership and payment of assessments.
  • Articles of Incorporation (though some condominiums do not have Articles of Incorporation since many states treat condominiums like corporations) - Sets forth the structure and basic governance of the corporate body.
  • Bylaws - Defines how the association is to be operated.

In general, the duties and responsibilities of a community association consist of any combination of the following six areas: